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S44 E3: School of HVAC

Watch as a stem wall foundation is poured and custom wallpaper is designed. The homeowner installs a vapor barrier in the crawl space and tours an outdoor school for backyard inspiration.

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In this episode:

The project house is located near the Atlanta Beltline which is changing the way people live, work, and play in the area. The Beltline president and CEO Clyde Higgs gives a brief tour and discusses its growth.

At the house, Kevin O’Connor meets builder Jerry Davis where the back bump-out has since been demolished. Work is underway for the pour of a new stem wall foundation to begin the building of the new addition.

The removal of the dropped ceiling in the entry parlor revealed a turn-of-the-century wallpaper. Wanting to pay homage to the previous décor, homeowner Kysha wants to use wallpaper as a prominent piece in the room. She and Kevin visit interior designers Monet Master and Tavia Forbes at their office to discuss the design of custom wallpaper.

Homeowner Jonathan plans to do his HVAC work. To get him started, Richard Trethewey takes him to Southface Institute, a non-profit which teaches building science and energy efficiency to building professionals. Program Manager Amelia Godfrey gives them a tour of the facility and its offerings.

Back at the house, Tom Silva and Jonathan install a vapor barrier in the crawl space and discuss ways to prevent moisture buildup.

The homeowners homeschool their children, so they would like to turn their backyard into an outdoor learning space. Jenn Nawada meets Kysha and the kids at a local school with outdoor classrooms. They explore the grounds with gardening teacher Miyuki Maruping for inspiration in creating their space.

Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2022, Season 44; Ep. 3 23:42

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