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S44 E5: Whole House Protection

The interior framing of the house in Atlanta is almost complete. Then, siding is installed on the exterior. The team tours a major motion picture studio, and later, the home is protected from lightning strikes. Finally, the Dracut Centre School is restored.

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In this episode:

With the interior demo and framing nearly complete, Kevin O’Connor gives a tour of the progress.

The siding is also ready to be installed on the exterior. Kevin and builder Jerry Davis install cementitious siding on the new part of the house. To save as much of the original siding as possible, Tom Silva and siding installer Osvaldo Messias weave in new beveled pine siding on the old part of the house.

Richard Trethewey visits a major motion picture studio in Atlanta to learn how they make movie magic, such as new facades that look like scenes from the past. Production designer Sharon Busse gives Richard a tour, and set construction artists David Murphy, and Mallary Curry demonstrates how they make new things look old.

Did you know that the state of Georgia ranks third in lightning strikes? Lightning protection expert Baylen Smith and his crew install a system to protect the whole house from direct lightning strikes and a whole house surge protector in the breaker to protect against indirect strikes.

After months of coverage, the 1898 Dracut Centre school has returned to its former glory as a nine-unit affordable and veteran housing. Kevin meets with and tours the unit of now-resident and former Dracut Centre school student Lisa Crowley. He also meets with designer Will Arvidson and architect Jay Mason about the different restoration efforts.

Original Air Date: Oct 27, 2022, Season 44; Ep. 5 23:42

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