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S44 E7: Repointed and Planted

The front door is stripped of paint. The HVAC system is connected and tested. Floating shelves are installed. The brick steps are repaired. An herb garden is planted, and the custom wallpaper is hung.

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In this episode:

With the finish line in sight, Kevin O’Connor walks through the progress.

Floors are down, the trim is mostly in, and interior walls have come down for a light-filled open floor plan. The “new” historic front door the homeowners chose needs work before it can be hung. Paint removal specialist Tyler Rickman uses an alternative to chemical dipping to remove all the old paint.

The HVAC system has been sized, and the ductwork and condensers are installed. Richard Trethewey and homeowner Jonathan meet HVAC technician Andrew Elder to connect and test the system.

Interior designer Theresa Ory wants to install reclaimed floating shelves between two walls near the kitchen. Tom Silva shows carpenter James Turley how to scribe and install the shelves between the walls, which are not square or parallel. In the front yard, Mark McCullough shows the homeowner and his son how to repair the brick steps currently in poor condition.

Homeowner Kysha gives Jenn Nawada a tour of the backyard, and she introduces her to a friend and urban homesteader, Dr. Kellie Mayfield, who is assisting with planting a medicinal herb garden.

Wallpaper installers Nathan and Emilee Taubert begin installing the custom Sankofa wallpaper in the front rooms. Brother and sister duo also share tricks for dealing with imperfect walls.

Original Air Date: Nov 10, 2022, Season 44; Ep. 7 23:42

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