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S44 E8: Families Meet

The 1890s Victorian house in Atlanta, once owned by South Atlanta’s first black postmaster, was a dilapidated and abandoned structure. It now has been fully restored, and the crew is back on site for a tour.

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In this episode:

Eight months ago, the 1890s Victorian project house in Atlanta, GA, once owned by Luther Judson Price–South Atlanta’s first black postmaster and civil rights advocate–was an electric blue, vine-covered, dilapidated, and abandoned structure. Now, it is restored with a deliberate effort not to fix everything.

Builder Jerry Davis gives Tom Silva a review of the exterior structural changes and how the problem of the 6-inch drop on the previous bump out was solved.

On the second floor, homeowner Jonathan and interior designer Theresa Ory give Kevin O’Connor a tour of the new light-filled primary suite with new cathedral ceilings, and the children provide a tour of their new bedrooms.

Jenn Nawada walks through the new backyard, which has been transformed into a nature-based outdoor classroom with animals, an art center, a music area, and an edible garden.

Woodworking instructor Char Miller-King is back to install the mini postbox and lending library the homeowners’ daughter designed and had a hand in constructing.

Richard Trethewey reviews the new heat pump HVAC system and hot water heater with an added recirculating pump installed by the homeowner, along with the help of friends and industry experts.

Homeowner Kysha gives a tour of the first floor with the new open layout in the back and nods to the past throughout, including the custom Sankofa wallpapered parlor dedicated to the memory of the Prices.

Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2022, Season 44; Ep. 8 23:42

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