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S44 E6: Respecting the Old

Watch as the old porch posts are repaired, and the bathrooms get a new wall treatment. Ceiling joists are left exposed on the ceiling. Then, the homeowners choose a front door and visit Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s home.

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In this episode:

The once electric blue 1890s Victorian has taken on a new look with a lighter exterior paint color, keeping with the period the home was built. On the interior, the design theme is a mix of old and new. Project manager Tristain O’Donnell gives Kevin O’Connor a tour of some original areas throughout, where the homeowners have thoughtfully chosen to remain untouched blending with the new.

On the front porch, carpenter brothers Joey and Ricky Shelton make repairs to the old, rotted posts, and those which they could not repair are replaced with new ones they hand-routed to replicate the design of the old.

Back inside, Kevin meets interior designer Theresa Ory and is introduced to the concrete overlay treatment that plasterer Ricky Garrett will apply to the bathroom walls.

One of the design features on the 1st floor is the original exposed ceiling joists. Carpenter James Turley shows how he hides the spray foam high up on the walls to pull off this effect.

Reclaimed architectural specialist David Bittenbender helps homeowner Kysha choose a period front door.

Kevin and the homeowners take a trip to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Birth Home, where park ranger Marty Smith gives a history of the home and shares stories he’s learned of Dr. King.

Original Air Date: Nov 3, 2022, Season 44; Ep. 6 23:42

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