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S44 E2: Unsafe Structures

It’s demolition day at the project house in South Atlanta. The homeowners’ daughter learns to use power tools to build a lending library. Then, an ivy-covered oak overhanging the roof is safely trimmed back.

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In this episode:

The bright blue house in historic South Atlanta needs attention. So, today the team makes discoveries, and the demo begins to address those areas of concern.

On the front porch, the deck boards were installed in the wrong direction and are rotted and cupped. Builder Jerry Davis and General Contractor Tom Silva remove the boards to reorient them and to identify if there are any structural issues present.

A pitch at the back bump-out addition is a tell-tale sign of foundation issues, and water damage is the source of the problem. The entire back bump-out is demolished.

Kevin O’Connor gets to know Jerry and his experience as a builder on a driving trip around Jerry’s community.

At the house, Tom shows the homeowner Jonathan how to safely demolish the back exterior staircase, which has rotted and detached from the house over time.

The homeowners belong to a local community workshop where Char Miller-King is the woodshop teacher. Their daughter has created a prototype of a lending library and postcard-making station she would like to build for the backyard. Char teaches her how to use power tools to build the structure.

Back at the house, a 70-year-old oak covered in invasive English ivy is overhanging the roof. Landscape Contractor Jenn Nawada meets with Board Certified Master Arborist Tierson Boutte to see how he and his crew will address these issues.

Original Air Date: Oct 6, 2022, Season 44; Ep. 2 23:40

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