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S44 E4: Cardboard Kitchen

The new interior spaces are toured, and the HVAC ducting is installed. Kitchen location options are explored, and the old windows are restored. Then, the homeowners’ daughter creates a 3D tour of the house.

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In this episode:

The 1890s Victorian, once owned by the first black postmaster of Atlanta, had been neglected for many decades. The back bump out, sinking due to rot, has since been replaced with a new two-story addition with a stem wall foundation. Builder Jerry Davis gives Kevin O’Connor a tour of the new inside spaces and layout made possible by the addition and shares discoveries made during demo.

Richard Trethewey meets up with homeowner Jonathan to check out the progress of the HVAC installation. Jonathan has been working with his friend and energy expert Jeremy Draper on proper sizing, design, and layout of the system.

The homeowners want to use fruiting trees as a transitional element from the backyard to the streets. Jenn Nawada introduces homeowner Kysha to environmental educator Robby Astrove to learn about native fruiting trees like the serviceberry.

Back at the house, Kysha and project manager Tristain O’Donnell explore options for the kitchen location and layout by using cardboard boxes to simulate the cabinets for a real-life feel.

Upstairs, carpenter Greg Pray shows how he restores the old windows.

The homeowners’ daughter walks Kevin through the 3D tour she has created of the house.

Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2022, Season 44; Ep. 4 23:42

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