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Woodworking How To & DIY

Improve the value of your home by discovering our woodworking step-by-step tips & ideas.

How to Build a Zinc Tabletop

Evoking pre-World War II metal bar tops that could take a beating, tables finished in zinc develop a charming patina as they age

How to Give Wood A Sun-Bleached Tone

Create a worn outdoor-furniture look with this finishing technique

How to Build a Three-Tiered Side Table

It holds much more than a reading lamp—and takes less time to make than shopping for a look-alike

Finding the Right Finish for Interior Woodwork

Staining interior woodwork is a process of trial and error. Here's how the TOH TV pros got the look they were after—and how you can get great results every time


Jigsaw 101: How to Use the Shoe to Cut a Beveled Curve

Pro tips on cutting curved scribe lines at an angle


Jigsaw 101: How to Make a Plunge Cut

Pro tips on cutting into the center of your material


Jigsaw 101: How to Cut Shapes

Pro tips on making tight-angle or curve cuts


Jigsaw 101: How to Use the Speed Setting

Pro tips on maintaining speed and control when cutting


Jigsaw 101: How to Use the Orbital-Action Setting

Pro tips on setting the blade to cut through different materials

How to Hide Screwheads on Stair Treads and Other Wood Surfaces

Mask fasteners easily with a simple wood plug

How to Build a Storage Ottoman

Use plywood, foam, and fabric to create a handsome custom piece


How to Patch Wood

In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to make an undetectable repair in rotted wood

How to Create a Pickled Finish on Wood

A rag and a bit of primer can give plain wood the whitewashed look of driftwood


How to Pick Materials for a Workbench

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva gives tips for selecting lumber for building a workbench


How to Build a Home Bar

From our new Hammer It Out series: Create a stately and sophisticated gathering place for mixing and serving drinks


How to Stain and Finish Wood Furniture

Wood finishing expert Bruce Johnson shares tips for refinishing new and old furniture

How to Install a Floor Medallion

A guide to creating a beautiful inlaid ornament in a wood floor


How to Build a Ricochet Game Table

TOH's Team Saturday shows you how to transform a door and some sewing elastic to create a tabletop twist on classic shuffleboard

How to Read a Lumber Stamp

Translating the letters and symbols imprinted on wood products

Wainscoting Designs

This traditional half-wall paneling comes in all shapes and sizes. Here's how to pick the right one to make your room stand out

How to Stop a Wood Door from Sticking

Try these antisagging remedies, arranged in order from easiest to most difficult

How to Build an Adirondack Chair

Make a roomy, reclining seat with a fan back and wide armrests out of weather-resistant decking lumber.

Clean Grime from Woodwork

Refresh your tired wood furniture and trim without having to strip and refinish

How to Refinish Woodwork

Whether it's a quick cleaning or a complete strip-down, you can always remedy a tired, old wood finish

How to Build a Table From Stair Parts

Create a space-saving central repository for keys, leashes, and mail in your front entry using vintage stair parts


How to Strip a Hardwood Floor

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows the proper and safe way to remove an old finish from a hardwood floor


How to Refinish Hardwood Floors

Applying a new finish to an old floor with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva.

Using Chemical Strippers to Prep a Wood Door for Refinishing

Pro secret for rejuvenating weather-beaten wood

How to Give It a Shellacking

Spot repairs on woodwork are easy when the finish is shellac

How to Make a Doorknob Coatrack

Use vintage doorknobs and salvaged trim to make a showpiece coatrack in less than two hours

How to Read the Stamp

An easy way to identify the right framing lumber for your needs


How to Repair a Damaged Doorjamb

In this how-to video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva makes an undetectable repair to a damaged doorjamb