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How to Make a Wall-Mounted Home Office

These space-saving shelves help you organize on a budget

Build a home office in the smallest of spaces with this adaptable shelving unit. One of our favorite builders, Ben Uyeda of Homemade Modern, made these shelves for less than $70 using one and a half sheets of 3/4" thick plywood. First, he cut 2-inch-wide structural pieces with a circular saw, then glued them together in pairs. He clamped the boards together while the glue cured, and got started cutting the boards for the shelves at a variety of widths.

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View this post on Instagram I made this shelving system out of 1.5 sheets of 3/4” thick plywood from @homedepot The entire project cost less than $70 to make and I only needed my @ryobipowertools circular saw, drill, orbital sander, and jig saw to make it! Full video coming soon to my YouTube channel! #homemademodern #furnituredesign #moderndesign #makersgonnamake #maker #interiordesign #moderndecor #industrialdesign #plywood #plywoodfurniture

A post shared by Ben Uyeda (@benjaminuyeda) on Oct 29, 2017 at 2:32pm PDT

To make the supports, he measured and cut triangles that were as long as the shelf boards were wide. The triangular and structural supports were sanded, and then Ben added 45-degree-angled corners before attaching them to 3.5-inch plywood strips with finish screws.

Using finish screws, Ben placed the plywood supports every 32 inches (so on every other structural support in the wall). He then marked and used a drill and jigsaw to cut notches on the shelves. To attach the triangles to the supports, Ben used a speed square to make sure they were perpendicular and then secured them with finish screws.

You can watch Ben make the shelving unit below, and find more detailed instructions on his site, HomeMade-Modern.