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S43 E20: Outdoor Oasis

Ipe is installed on the front porch. The existing furnace gets a new heat pump coil. Back at the house, a brick patio is built. At the Dracut Centre School, original corbel replicas are installed.

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In this episode:

There is a lot of progress made at the West Roxbury house: the wiring is run, and the rough plumbing is in. Outside, it’s time to work on the front porch. Kevin O’Connor meets up with homeowner and architect Derek, who shows him a plan to use a wood called Ipe for the porch ceiling and the decking. Kevin and Deliandro cut and install the Ipe together.

Kevin uses this time to get to know Deliandro, asking how he became a general contractor, where he grew up, and why he loves what he does.

In the basement, Richard Trethewey and HVAC installer Al Vieira add a heat pump coil to the existing furnace, giving the homeowner a choice to use gas or electric as fuel. This system, which can be zoned, will save the homeowners energy.

Over in Dracut, Kevin and contractors Leo and Cley install replicas of the original corbels of the 1898 Dracut Centre School, a former auxiliary building for the town that will become nine units of affordable housing for local veterans. Kevin meets with local veterans to better understand the need for housing.

In West Roxbury, Jenn and Mark begin to build a large brick patio in the small backyard. They decide on a herringbone pattern and start the design at a corner. The long-lasting classic patio will feel like an additional room.

Original Air Date: Feb 24, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 20 23:42

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