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S43 E25: Focus on Finishes

Countertops are going in and doors are being hung. A local stone fabrication shop is visited. A distressed stained finish is applied to trim. Under-cabinet receptacles and crown molding are installed.

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In this episode:

The West Roxbury Victorian is down to the last couple of weeks. Appliances and lighting are in, most doors are hung, and millwork is being installed.

In the kitchen, the team will install stone countertops and backsplash to create the look of one continuous piece. Countertop installer James Hanna invites Kevin O’Connor to the shop for a behind-the-scenes of how they accomplish this, but first, Kevin assists Tom Silva with installing a pre-hung double door. Tom shares the challenges of hanging doors and how to solve them.

At the shop, James walks Kevin through the process of the 2D online rendering, matching up the pieces of stones, and cutting.

Back at the house, Mauro Henrique and painter Alex Cruz demonstrate creating a distressed, stained finish on the original and new window trim. Upstairs in the mancave, homeowner Derek and son Zack make progress on the drywall installation. Tom shows them how to properly drive the screws and finish an outside corner with compound.

In the kitchen, electrician Leandro Amancio installs under cabinet plug mold strips to eliminate receptacles in the backsplash.

Tom and builder Deliandro install crown molding in the dining room using the coping method.

Original Air Date: Apr 14 2022, Season 43; Ep. 25 23:42

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