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S43 E21: Exploring Flooring

The old front steps are replaced in this episode, and the homeowners decide on interior flooring. Kevin visits a trade school. Then, a cable railing and new door are installed out back, and a brick walkway out front.

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In this episode:

There is a lot of action at the 1890s Victorian, inside and out. Jenn Nawada and Mark McCullough are making transformations out front.

After a trip to downtown Boston and being inspired by steps at the Massachusetts State House, Jenn and Mark replace the old uneven steps with a new set of granite steps that makes getting in and out of the house easy.

Inside, walls being moved around left a flooring dilemma. The homeowners meet with Kevin O’Connor and Deliandro to decide whether to install all-new hardwood flooring or keep the existing flooring and feather in new flooring where needed.

Kevin visits Williamson College of the Trades, an all-male trade school in Media, PA, doing their part to lessen the shortage in building trades since founded in 1888. In West Roxbury,

Kevin and Deliandro install a cable rail system on the back steps and a new composite, single light backdoor to button up the house.

Finishing up the transformation out front, Jenn and Mark install a brick walkway in a running bond pattern.

Original Air Date: Mar 17, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 21 23:42

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