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S43 E19: Drainpipe Puzzle

The windows are trimmed with PVC, and the house is sided with fiber cement clapboards. An American Elm resistant to Dutch Elm disease is planted. Inside, a drainpipe puzzle is solved.

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In this episode:

Kevin O’Connor returns to the 1890s Victorian to see that the siding is gone, the house wrap is on, and the new windows are going in.

The rickety porch is removed in the back, the entryway is changed, and some rotted house sills are replaced. He finds builder Deliandro and Tom Silva starting on the window casings using a PVC product that won’t rot. He gives them a hand at trimming one of the front porch windows.

Jenn Nawada goes to a nursery and meets horticulturist Peter Mezzitt who helps her tag a quintessential street tree—the American Elm—resistant to the Dutch Elm disease and is fast growing and has a vertical vase-like shape. She brings it back to the house and plants it in the side yard near the street.

Before meeting plumber Fabio Kirch, Richard Trethewey arrives and tours the newly framed first floor to solve the drainpipe puzzle in the basement. The crew demos the old cast iron pipe, using a chain cutter to snap it off to integrate the new PVC run. They have to navigate obstacles like the electric panel, large vents, and beams while keeping the drainage pitched.

Tom and Deliandro are getting ready to side the house with fiber cement clapboards outside. First, they have to make sure the water table trim board is installed correctly so that it’s even off of the windows all the way across the side of the house. This ensures that the clapboards above will be at the right dimension to meet the bottom of the windows at the correct location.

Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 19 23:42

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