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S43 E23: A Match Made Perfect

Antique windows are installed in Dracut, MA. The original foundation is repaired. The wood floors are patched, and a bathroom is prepped for tile. Then, the team explores aluminum gutters that look like wood.

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In this episode:

Even with everything new in the 1890s Victorian, plenty is still original and needs to be examined.

Mark McCullough inspects the original Roxbury rock foundation and finds signs of water problems—punky mortar and water on the ground. The necessary repairs are made.

Kevin O’Connor is back in Dracut, MA, at the 124-year-old Dracut Centre School for the installation of windows previously restored by Alison Hardy. Alison gives Kevin a lesson on hanging the antique windows.

In West Roxbury, Tom Silva and Deliandro begin patching the hardwood flooring, cutting back the old flooring in an irregular pattern so the new floors can be staggered in for a better look.

In preparation for tile in the primary bathroom, tile installer Gabriel Oliveira lays down a membrane that makes any surface applied to be waterproof.

Outside, the homeowners want to maintain the authentic 1890s look down to the gutters, and in the 1890s, wood would be the material of choice. Designer and builder David Hornstein shares with Kevin a gutter made of extruded aluminum that looks like wood but is better performing and stronger than traditional aluminum gutters.

Original Air Date: Mar 31, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 23 23:42

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