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S43 E18: Pruning 101

The inside of the house is demo’d. The homeowners select kitchen cabinets, then a wider window opening is created. Beams are installed to replace a load-bearing wall, a willow tree is pruned, and house wrap is installed.

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In this episode:

An open floor plan is a significant change on the first level of the 1890s Victorian. Now that the inside has been demo’d, Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor give builder Deliandro a hand as he installs several beams to replace a load-bearing wall between the kitchen and dining room.

Outside, several shrubs have opportunities to be rearranged and pruned back to make better use of the space. Jenn Nawada meets homeowner Derek out front where the giant rhododendrons have been removed and relocated to see the front porch better. Then she teaches him how to prune back an old willow encroaching on the house.

The siding on the old Victorian is in sad shape, and Deliandro and the homeowners agree it needs to be replaced. Deliandro’s team started pulling off the clapboards, and the underlayment appeared to be rosin paper. Deliandro will use a more high-tech, self-adhesive house wrap, and Tommy helps with the installation.

Kevin and the homeowners meet Marissa Perez at a local kitchen design showroom to finalize cabinets and countertops for their kitchen design.

Back at the house, Deliandro and Tommy create a wider window opening over the location of the new kitchen sink so more natural light can get into the house.

Original Air Date: Feb 10, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 18 23:42

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