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S43 E17: Small Town in a Big City

It’s a new project. We meet a new builder Deliandro and homeowners Robyn and Derek in the West Roxbury section of Boston. Robyn gives a tour. Derek is an architect and drew the construction plans.

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In this episode:

It’s a brand-new project in a part of a large city with a small-town feel. This modest Victorian defined suburban living before the turn of the last century, but now it’s time for an upgrade.

In this episode, we meet a new builder and homeowners. Kevin O’Connor, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, and Jenn Nawada take a ride to the 1890s Victorian in the Boston neighborhood of West Roxbury. Jenn lives nearby and gives the guys a tour of a part of the city known for its multi-family homes and easy commutes. Tom and Kevin kick the tires on the project’s exterior and discuss how it transformed from a single-family to a two-family and then back again.

Robyn and her husband Derek have lived in the house for nine years. Kevin gets a tour from Robyn and sees the charm and the problems with the old house.

Derek has wanted to renovate the house for several years and has bought and stored appliances for the new kitchen. As an architect, he drew the construction plans. Tom checks out the plans with Derek for a detailed look at the improvements. Richard is in his element downstairs in the basement. Kevin meets him there to check out the condition of the house’s mechanicals. Outside, Jenn and Kevin review the landscaping and discuss maximizing a postage-stamp-sized backyard space.

Deliandro Dias is the builder on the project. The team consults the renovation with Deliandro and welcomes him to the team.

Original Air Date: Feb 3, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 17 23:42

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