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In this video, This Old House painting contractor Jim Clark explains how to strip wallpaper.

1. Roll scoring tool over the entire wallpapered area.
2. Mix liquid wallpaper stripper with hot water in a garden sprayer.
3. Use garden sprayer to apply wallpaper stripper to wall.
4. Scrape softened wallpaper from wall with putty knife or paint scraper.
5. Use electric steamer to remove stubborn wallpaper.
6. After initial scraping and steaming, spray wall again with stripper.
7. Scrape away last bits of wallpaper with putty knife or paint scraper.
8. Scrub wall clean using coarse scrubber pad and clean water.
9. Use scraper to remove softened glue residue from clean wall.
10. Let wall dry, then apply new wallpaper, or one primer coat followed by two paint topcoats.
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