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S43 E12: Toasty Cars

In this episode, new material is used for the house’s exterior trim. Kevin O’Connor visits a window restoration shop, and radiant floor heating is installed in the garage. Finally, the homeowners tile the basement bathroom.

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In this episode:

Tom and Charlie Silva share with Kevin O’Connor a material used for all the exterior trim on the house. A blend of PVC and rice hulls, it’s supposed to perform like PVC, but it’s stainable like wood and can create outside corners with no seams.

Kevin visits window restoration expert Alison Hardy at her shop. Alison is restoring the windows on a historic school building in Dracut, MA, turned into affordable housing for veterans. She takes Kevin through each step of the restoration process of the original school windows and what it takes to rebuild the small circular window by replicating the same technique used to build the original.

A concrete slab is getting ready to be poured in the garage at the house. Richard Trethewey explains how to turn the slab from a liability to an asset from a heating standpoint with radiant floor heating. Work is done in preparation for the pour, including installing thermal breaks around the perimeter, insulated panels, and radiant tubing. Mark McCullough’s crew pours and finishes the concrete.

Homeowners Lincoln and Megan install the faux marble tile that Megan picked for the basement bathroom with the guidance of tile installation expert Mark Ferrante.

Original Air Date: Dec 30, 2021 Season 43; Ep. 12 23:42

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