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S43 E14: Sunshine Power

Installation of a composite deck is complete. The team adds insulation to the basement and discusses unconventional HVAC zoning. Then, Kevin tours a stove factory in Reading, PA. Solar panels and their backup system are installed.

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In this episode:

Work at our 1880 Cape continues as the temperature drops. Now that electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are completed behind the walls. The insulation is underway.

Outside in 30-degree weather, Kevin O’Connor joins Tom and Charlie Silva on the soon-to-be top deck, where they installed rubber membrane and sleepers in preparation for the new deck. The three install a moisture-resistant composite decking material with the ease of a hidden fastener clip system and back-friendly tools.

Because the basement will be a living space, they take extra measures to insulate the space correctly. Richard Trethewey talks about how to best heat the home, which is difficult because of its unconventional layout and minimal wall space. He uses an unconventional zoning method, radiant floor heating, and a small duct high-velocity system. Charlie shares his trick that allows the insulation to perform optimally and prevent thermal bridging. Insulation Consultant Adam Piccirilli talks about the new environmentally friendly spray foam insulation required in most states.

Then, Kevin visits a company in Reading, PA, that started the same year our Cape was built making cast iron coal stoves; but has since evolved to making restaurant-quality ranges and hoods for the home chef. Guided by company President Elizabeth Sheffield, Kevin gets a behind-the-scenes-of-the-making process.

Back in Concord, solar panels are being installed. Homeowners Megan and Lincoln wanted solar but did not want the panels visible. Solar expert Tim Sandborn accomplishes this by using all-black, high-efficiency, and aesthetically pleasing panels. The inverter and battery backup have been installed in the basement for the system. Project Designer Sam Ziergiebel talks about the role of both.

Original Air Date: Jan 13, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 14 23:42

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