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S43 E13: Race to the Finish

In this episode, the roof gets different types of underlayment. Then, an oak mantle is installed on the fireplace, and brickwork is corrected. The old boiler is disassembled, and exterior clapboards are painted inside. Finally, the team installs a linear drain.

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In this episode:

Architect Andrew Sidford’s idea of a traditional Cape out front and a large modern addition in the back is more visible. The all-hands-on-deck work of the different trades is making this happen. Concrete has been poured downstairs for a finished basement, a new central staircase has been installed, and electrical wires are being run.

Outside, Kevin O’Connor finds Tom Silva working on getting the multi-pitched roof watertight. Different types of underlayment are being used for the other roofing materials, including a self-adhesive, self-sealing membrane under the asphalt shingles. A high-temperature underlayment is used in areas of metal flashing under the metal roof.

Inside, Charlie Silva and interior designer Meghan Shadrick are going over the design of the kitchen fireplace mantle. They’re using a white oak rustic beam Charlie has saved in his shop for years. After sampling a couple of templates for sizing, Meghan decides on a profile that she feels is more proportionate for the space. Charlie, Kevin, and Mark McCullough install the mantle. To accentuate the wood, Mark corrects problems with the existing brickwork on the fireplace.

Richard Trethewey and plumber Abe Bilo disassemble the 30-year-old cast iron boiler, which will be replaced with a newer, more efficient wall-mounted boiler.

Mauro Henrique is getting ahead of the cold weather in the basement by painting the exterior clapboards inside.

Back upstairs in the master suite, Richard and Abe install a linear drain in what will be a curbless shower.

Original Air Date: Jan 6, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 13 23:42

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