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S43 E16: Cinderella Story

The 1880s Country Cape is finished. The cast arrives and reflects on the changes that have been made since Charlie’s crew started work. The homeowners take Kevin and Tommy on a tour of the house.

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In this episode:

Today the cast arrives and reflects on the changes made since Charlie Silva’s crew first started work on the modest cape in the springtime of the previous year. The crew knocked down an outdated and awkward addition, poured a more extensive and deeper foundation, and added steel beams to connect the new angled addition to the back side of the original house. The new addition was trimmed and then sided with pre-painted clapboards. Many skylights, new shingles, and even solar panels came with a new roof. Out front, Jenn Nawada points out the new vegetable garden bed directly in front of the original house.

The garden design, along with a recently installed 4’ high cable railing fence fabricated by Nathan Gilbert, is the first phase of an extensive landscape plan that will continue in the spring. Inside, homeowners Megan and Lincoln take Kevin O’Connor and Tom Silva on a tour of the original part of the house and the new addition, noting the high angled ceilings, a new central staircase and the updated original staircase, and an array of windows that take advantage of the view of the expansive side yard. Richard Trethewey visits the basement and explains how the new HVAC systems is zoned for each floor of the old and the new parts of the house.

In addition to forced hot and cold air, he reminds us about the hot water used for radiant flooring for the first floor and the repurposed cast iron baseboards for the original rooms of the cape-style house. Homeowners Lincoln and Megan join the cast around the grand kitchen island to thank the subcontractors and Charlie for all the work that happened. They’re looking forward to raising their growing family in this house.

Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 16 23:42

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