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S43 E15: Crafty Finishes

The house comes together as a primary bathroom gets a plaster treatment, and window sills are replicated in Dracut, MA. A kitchen garden, recessed lighting, and floating countertop are installed. Then, new wood floors change directions.

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In this episode:

Despite a 20-week delay in the arrival of the windows, which caused a domino effect of delays on the whole project, our 1880’s Cape project is just two weeks away from completion. Our trades have been working around the clock on top of each other to reach the finish line. Windows have been installed, radiant flooring is down throughout the first floor, and kitchen cabinets are in place. Upstairs in the primary bathroom, artist Pauline Curtiss is applying an ancient limestone treatment called Tadelakt, which is waterproof and mold and mildew resistant.

Kevin O’Connor visits architectural woodworker Rob Carr at a local mill shop to watch the process of replicating the original windowsills from the Dracut Centre School restoration in Dracut, MA. Because the historic commission protects the project, exterior details need to be restored to their original look. He then heads back to the school to assist finish carpenter Leo Leao with installing them.

Back in Concord, Jenn Nawada and landscape contractor Fred Pendleton are installing multiple bluestone flush ground garden beds for a kitchen garden in the front of the house. Inside, Heath Eastman installs recessed gimbal lighting in a slanted ceiling and shares a tip on identifying possible obstructions inside a finished ceiling. Upstairs, Charlie Silva talks about the problem of merging old with new as it pertains to flooring and how to solve it.

A few months ago, we visited woodworker Paul Grothouse at his shop in Pennsylvania. Now, Paul is visiting us to install the floating countertop he fabricated for the kitchen island.

Original Air Date: Jan 20, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 15 23:42

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