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S43 E11: Smaller is Better

This week, framing is complete on the multi-angled roof, and a remote-controlled skylight is installed. The team discusses a mini-duct system, and the homeowner’s mother makes a glass mosaic table. Finally, a rotted wood gutter is replaced.

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In this episode:

The roof has is framed, and Kevin O’Connor goes up to examine the different angles and new dormers on the addition.

He then heads back inside to lend Tom Silva a hand installing one of many new skylights. The skylights are remote controlled with retractable side screens and dimmable lighting.

Richard Trethewey and Charlie Silva meet with HVAC contractor James Bouchard to talk about the high-pressure, high-velocity mini-duct system going in the house. James shares the difference between a conventional ducting system and the importance of proper installation using sound attenuators to keep the system quiet.

Homeowner Megan’s mother Fran is a stained-glass artist. Kevin pays her a visit in her shop, where she’s making an outdoor dining table with a koi pond-themed glass mosaic. Fran takes Kevin through the process of creating the table.

The wood gutters on the front of the house are 15-20 years old. Unfortunately, the corners were not properly prepped and have failed over time, causing rot and damage to a portion of the fascia board and some clapboards. Tom and Charlie replace the rotted portion and share tips on proper installation to extend their life.

Original Air Date: Dec 23, 2021 Season 43; Ep. 11 23:42

Products and Services from this Episode

  • Skylight manufacturer: Marvin
  • HVAC contractor: Back Bay Mechanical
  • Sound attenuator manufacturer: The Unico System
  • Stained glass artist: Fran Devitt