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S43 E10: Planting for the Future

In this episode, Tom Silva discusses the use of I-joists and LVL beams. Kevin O’Connor meets with woodworker Paul Grothouse. Then, Kevin and Charlie Silva insulate the original dormers of the house. Later, the landscape designer shares her vision for the front yard.

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In this episode:

Our 1880s Cape is not so small anymore. With major framing done last week, the project is taking shape. The old house now seamlessly meets the new construction at the connection of the second floor.

Kevin O'Connor and Tom Silva discuss using I-joists and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) ridge beams to carry the new roof's load. An illustration provides a visual of the complicated roof lines with varying pitches.

Kevin travels to rural Pennsylvania to meet woodworker Paul Grothouse at his factory, where he's fabricating a shiplap wall detail, floating shelves, and a wood insert on a stone countertop—all for the new kitchen. Kevin gets a lesson in the making of these wood elements.

In Concord, Kevin lends Charlie Silva a hand at insulating the original dormers upstairs. Because of the shallow wall space, Charlie opts for a combination of rigid board and spray foam insulation.

Out front, Landscape Designer Maria Wheeler shares with Jenn Nawada her intentions for a new front yard planting area along the old stone wall. She and Jenn install various plants, including some that are native to the area and transplants from the property.

Original Air Date: Dec 16, 2021 Season 43; Ep. 10 23:42

Products and Services from this Episode

  • Building resources: Bailey & Smith Construction, LLC, West Groton, MA
  • Landscape designers: Mary Kincaid, Maria Wheeler, Cindy Barrett
  • Landscape contractors: Brothers Nestor Landscaping, LLC
  • Mulch supplier: Ray Wilson Bark Mulch