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S43 E9: Focus on Framing

We witness an exterior wall framed on the ground and raised into place. The crew learns about the history of framing tools and talks about recessed lighting and electrical panels. Then, three laminated veneer lumber beams replace an old ridge beam.

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In this episode:

Kevin O’Connor walks into the new modern addition of the 1880’s Cape Style house in Concord, MA, where the walls are starting to go up. He joins Tom Silva who is helping to build an exterior wall with many window openings. They frame it on a level flat surface before standing it up in place.

Tom gives Kevin a personal history of framing tools over the years and explains how the new pneumatic and battery-powered nail guns have dramatically increased productivity on the job site.

Kevin joins electrician Heath Eastman and Charlie Silva in the kitchen to discuss recessed lighting—the different types, methods of installation, and which is favorable based on the layout. The three walk to the furthest point of the house, where a sub electrical panel will be installed. Heath then talks about the benefit of sub-panels for long runs, panel amperage, and possible upgrades to future-proof the home.

In the back, the old ridge beam has been removed, and three laminated veneer lumber beams (LVLs) are sandwiched together in their place to form a new ridge beam to support the addition. The roof rafters will be attached to this beam.

Original Air Date: Nov 25, 2021 Season 43; Ep. 9 23:42

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