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S43 E6: Tree Dr. House Call

A Flitch beam is installed on the house. Tree maintenance is performed, and a new footing is poured under the kitchen chimney. Then, the crew explores different heating systems. Kevin tours a high-tech sheathing factory in Georgia.

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In this episode:

The homeowners of the 1880s cape house want the living space to open to the cooking space. To accomplish that, Tom and Charlie Silva install a special beam to carry the second story and roof load. Kevin O’Connor lends a hand as they install a five-layer Flitch beam.

Outside, several tree issues need to be addressed before winter arrives. Jenn Nawada works with arborist Clem Desjardins to trim an unruly Crabapple and shore up twin trunks on a towering Hemlock.

The corner chimney is a crucial part of the kitchen design as the fireplace takes a prominent place in the kitchen, but it needs help.

A footing was never poured, and it sits on compacted dirt. Tom and Charlie built a form and connect rebar to the old masonry prior to pouring a footing.

Sheathing systems that eliminate house wrap have become very popular in residential construction, and that’s what was chosen for this project. Kevin tours a factory in Georgia that demonstrates how sheathing has become a high-tech application, all starting with a load of timber.

Original Air Date: Nov 4, 2021 Season 43; Ep. 6 23:42

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