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S43 E7: Masonry Lessons

In this episode, a block wall is constructed to accept the framing of the addition. The old floor joists are shimmed to make a smooth transition to the new part of the house, and the kitchen designer lays out the kitchen.

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In this episode:

The 1880s Cape is ready for a modern addition in the back. Kevin O’Connor finds mason Mark McCullough at the intersection of the old and new house under the corner chimney. Mark constructs a block wall at the base of the newly poured footing to accept the addition framing and cuts a vertical slot in the chimney for copper flashing to prevent water from penetrating.

A couple of weeks ago, the old part of the house was slightly tilted, and the new part is level. Today it’s time to create a transition that no one will notice. Tom and Charlie Silva take up the old subfloor and shim the old joists to discreetly ramp the old and the new transition.

The homeowners want an open kitchen and living floor plan. Kevin finds Charlie and kitchen designer Karen Swanson laying out the kitchen now that the new floor space is opened up and roughed in.

Original Air Date: Nov 11, 2021 Season 43; Ep. 7 23:42

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