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S43 E5: Dormer Day

The house gets a new foundation. Natural stone veneers get cut, and the back dormer sees a new beam installed to increase headroom. Then, homeowner Megan and her interior designer look at tile.

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In this episode:

With the foundation poured, framing can finally start with the sill.

Kevin O’Connor and Tom Silva transition from a pitched foundation at the old house to the level new foundation at the addition.

The homeowners want a natural stone for the fireplace and exposed foundation. Kevin and Mark McCullough meet at a nearby stone shop that cuts veneer for just such an application. Kevin leaves with some samples.

Like most old Capes, the headroom on the second floor of this house was a low priority, but Charlie and Tom have decided to fix that. They figure out how to raise the rafters on the back dormer to make more headroom for the new bathroom.

There are many tile decisions to make. Kevin finds homeowner Megan and her interior designer Meghan Shadrick in a local showroom looking at unusual tile for one bathroom and a cost-effective option that lends itself to a DIY’er for another bathroom.

Original Air Date: Oct 28, 2021 Season 43; Ep. 5 23:42

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