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S43 E4: Solid Foundation

The foundation is waterproofed. The team talks about exterior paint colors, and homeowner Megan lends a hand turning the new newel posts. Cape-style homes are discussed. Then, the foundation is braced for backfilling.

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In this episode:

The most critical part of the foundation is where the old meets the new. Kevin O’Connor meets expert Hugo Provetti, the local go-to person for waterproofing.

It’s time in the project to start thinking about exterior colors. There are many surfaces to consider: siding, trim, roof, doors, and shutters, to name a few. Mauro Henrique and Kevin meet with the homeowners to survey the choices.

Our homeowners want to up the oomph factor of the newel posts at the interior stairs and have asked Tom Silva to help. He meets interior designer Meghan Shadrick to discuss the new look and then he returns to his workshop to turn the posts with homeowner Megan at his side.

Kevin meets Architectural Historian John Clemson to find out why the simple Cape home design has survived from the Plymouth colony to this 21st Century project.

The modern addition to the back of the antique cape requires an elaborate foundation. Site restrictions imposed by the local conservation committee added to the building challenge. Tom and Charlie Silva inspect the foundation and brace the garage wall before backfilling.

Original Air Date: Oct 21, 2021 Season 43; Ep. 4 23:42

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