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S43 E3: Fix the Foundation

The old foundation gets modified for the new basement. Jenn meets with the landscape designer to discuss the plans for the front yard. On the first floor, Charlie and Tom install a recessed beam.

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In this episode:

This project has seen many renovations in the last 130 years. As the demolition team peels back layers, Charlie Silva uncovers some shortcuts used by previous builders, like no footing found under the existing foundation. Kevin O’Connor finds Charlie working with the excavator to correct foundation issues which entails adding new footings to support the existing foundation. A new basement will be added underneath the family room, which the homeowners’ request to be 14” lower than the existing basement. Charlie and Kevin watch as the existing foundation is cut to connect the two basements.

Prep work begins for the tying in of the old foundation to the new. The homeowners have an elaborate plan for improving the landscape in the front of the house. Jenn Nawada meets Maria Wheeler, who is part of the team that designed the new entrance.

Last time Tom and Charlie Silva demoed the ceiling in the foyer. They want to open one wall on the narrow stairway. Today they recess a beam in the stud wall above to carry the load for the second floor.

Original Air Date: Oct 14, 2021 Season 43; Ep. 3 23:42

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