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S43 E2: Saving What We Can

Appliances and radiators are salvaged before the major demolition begins. Outside, an arborist sprays the Hemlock trees to protect from damaging insects. Time to cut off the garage addition.

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In this episode:

Concord, Massachusetts, is where the Revolutionary War started, but the town’s fame has continued with the literary celebrities who lived there. Kevin O’Connor meets with a local historian to talk about the home of the most recent project.

With the cost of building supplies skyrocketing, contractors are doing what they can to save demoed material.

At this project, the appliances ship to a family in Haiti; the hardwood flooring gets resold by a charity; Tom and Charlie Silva will salvage the glass sliders; Richard Trethewey and Tom will repurpose cast iron baseboard radiators in other locations in the house.

The property has several specimen Hemlocks that could be over a hundred years old, but Hemlocks in America are under attack by an insect from Japan called wooly adelgid. Jenn Nawada meets arborist Josh Fritz who is working to save the trees.

The cheapest way to renovate the section added in the 1980s is to tear it down and rebuild from scratch. Charlie brings a gas-powered cut-off saw and an excavator to do the work.

Original Air Date: Oct 7, 2021 Season 43; Ep. 2 23:42

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