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Viewing a smart doorbell through a phone screen

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Expert Tips for Installing a Video Doorbell System

The latest generation of video doorbell systems are better, faster, and easier to live with than ever before.
S21 E18, Ross Trethewey learns about wireless EV chargers

Future House | Wireless EV Chargers

Home technology expert Ross Trethewey takes us to WiTricity to talk about wireless charging for electric vehicles.

Smart Home Security: Keeping Tabs on Your House

Protect your property from porch pirates, intruders, and more with a smart home security system you can set up in an afternoon.

How to Stop Smart Home Devices from Spying on You

Smart home devices are great for making life more convenient. But who else might be listening when we tell our lights to turn on?

Future House | Smart Water Valve

Ask This Old House home technology expert Ross Trethewey travels to Los Angeles to learn about innovations being made to automatic water shutoff valves

Better Home Theater

It might be time to up your living room’s game, now that prices have dropped dramatically.

Best Smart Home Products

The pros at share their top product picks, including "smart" bulbs, locks, smoke detectors, and more

Really Smart Homes

There are a lot of choices these days in the way of connected devices for a safer, more secure, and more convenient home. Maybe too many. To help you figure it out, here are 5 starter kits tailored to 5 very different types of homes and homeowners

How to Choose a USB Outlet

Electrician Scott Caron walks through the best options when it comes to USB wall outlets in your home

How to Install a Smart Thermostat

This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows a homeowner how to install and operate an energy-saving smart thermostat

How to Hack-Proof Your Smart Home

A senior security researcher at the risk management firm Tripwire gives his tips for protecting your router and Wi-Fi devices

4 Smart-Home Door Locks

If you've never known life without keys, well, it's a wonderful thing. Indeed, these four smart-home door locks are all about convenience