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S42 E12: Pizza Time

Inside the house, the work is busy with floor installation, and the design plans for the master bath are finalized. Outside, a custom pizza oven and fireplace arrive, as well the plants and the new pool cover.

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In this episode:

Among the many outdoor features at this project is a pizza oven/fireplace combination. The unit was built in sections in Ohio and trucked to the Rhode Island site. Today Kevin O’Connor meets the manufacturer, Scott Widmer who will oversee the installation of the one-ton behemoth.

An engineered flooring product has been chosen for the first floor. Tom Silva meets Jonathon Gramajo who is Jeff Sweenor’s go-to flooring installer. He’s in the middle of laying down a herringbone pattern in the living room.

The homeowner and designer Kristen Martone have been working hard to come up with a plan for bathroom finishes. Kevin gets a rundown of the design for the master bath.

The project’s front yard planting beds are small but you wouldn’t know it from the nursery order. Jenn Nawada is sorting through all the plants that have been delivered. The next step is to place them in the right spot.

Last week the pool came in on the back of a truck. Today Kevin finds Rob Ferreira installing an automatic cover.

Original Air Date: Jan 24, 2021 Season 42; Ep.12 23:42

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