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S42 E14: Cold Weather Landscape

Trees and sod arrive at the house. The deck hatch is installed, and inside, a Wifi lock and new rangehood are placed.

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In this episode:

Kevin O’Connor finds Jenn Nawada and her landscape crew in the homeowners’ current yard about 30 minutes away from the project. They want to bring several maturing trees to their new house. Jenn’s crew transplants the trees to their new location outside of the Seaside Victorian Cottage.

In the kitchen, Tom Silva works with master carpenter Riley Partridge to install a unique range hood.

Back outside, the sod has arrived from a local farm in Rhode Island. The crew begins to unroll it.

Just off the mudroom in the back of the house is a small deck, and underneath that is the only outside access to the basement. Tom helps Riley install an ingenious hatch that doubles as part of the deck.

The homeowners want all systems in the house to be state of the art. That includes the door hardware. Kevin finds Jeff Sweenor installing a state of the art lock on the kitchen back door.

Original Air Date: Feb 7, 2021 Season 42; Ep.14 23:43

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