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S42 E16: A Queen Anne Revival

The abandoned Seaside Victorian Cottage is restored to its original beauty. A new addition matches the existing architectural details, and the new hardscape and landscape anchor it to the corner lot.

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In this episode:

Tom Silva, Kevin O’Connor, and Richard Trethewey drive to the Seaside Victorian Cottage in Rhode Island and reminisce about the many problems faced in the rebuilding of our abandoned house.

Jeff Sweenor is waiting for them outside the house and they talk about the challenges of the project. Tom and Richard excuse themselves while Kevin and Jeff tour the front yard.

Kristen Martone, the interior designer for the project, gives Tom a tour of the second floor to see the master bedroom, closet, and bathroom.

Kevin finds Richard checking out the mechanicals in the low headroom basement.

Jeff and Jenn Nawada show off the patio with all the new amenities.

Kevin meets the homeowners, Kassiane and Michael who give him a tour of the living room and kitchen.

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2021 Season 42; Ep.16 23:42

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