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S42 E13: Narragansett Windows

In this episode, Tom assists with interior window trim and custom storm windows. Richard checks out an electric meter and panels. Mark follows work on the hardscape, and Kevin watches the assembly of a decorative shed.

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In this episode:

Former apprentice Kevin Barker is now an accomplished trim carpenter. Tom Silva helps him trim the antique bay windows in the kitchen.

Richard Trethewey finds electrician Ben Giles installing an up-to-date meter socket outside the house and a special panel for the generator in the garage.

Hardscape elements are coming together in the backyard. Mark McCullough shows Tom the stone veneer on the new outdoor kitchen and the limestone for the patio.

Tom finds Riley Partridge at the Sweenor shop creating storm windows for the restored windows. Jeff’s team hopes to improve their efficiency performance with the custom storm windows.

Backyard plans call for a shed, and the Historical Committee wants it to compliment the architecture of the house. Kevin meets Rich James and his crew who have an instant solution.

Original Air Date: Jan 31, 2021 Season 42; Ep.13 23:42

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