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S42 E11: Design Elements

Ceiling mounted speakers disappear in plaster. The new HVAC system gets turned on. New garage doors are side-mounted. The pool is lowered into place. The homeowner makes kitchen design choices.

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In this episode:

With the board and plaster going up inside, Kevin O’Connor finds Tom Silva and local technology installer Erich Plummer hiding sound speakers in the living room ceiling.

Just in time for cold weather, the heating contractor is ready to fire up the HVAC system. Richard Trethewey meets Mike Gamache and his daughter to show the difference between an old condenser and modern more efficient units.

The traditionally powered door opener for a garage is in the center of the door, but now homeowners can have some flexibility. Kevin finds garage expert Scott Grace installing a side mount garage door.

The homeowners want to take advantage of every square inch of their backyard. Among the amenities is a pool. Kevin meets Karen Larson and her truck which will deliver and install a pool in one day.

Designer Kristen Martone and homeowner Kassiane show Kevin their choices on a color scheme and other design elements for the kitchen and living room.

Original Air Date: Jan 17, 2021 Season 42; Ep.11 23:42

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