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S42 E15: Tommy in the Kitchen

Work happens in the kitchen. Kevin and Tom tackle the molding, and the pantry gets a secret door. Countertops, backsplash, and tile are installed, and a new wood mantle goes around the gas fireplace.

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In this episode:

It’s almost time to wrap the project, but there is still much to be done. This week the crew spends time helping out in the kitchen starting with the crown molding. Kevin O’Connor and Tom Silva tackle the last stretch of molding before it’s time to surrender the project to the homeowners.

A unique feature of this particular kitchen is the pantry. In earlier days it served as an outhouse. Now, although it has been incorporated into the kitchen, it will be hidden behind what looks like a cabinet. Kevin finds Jeff Sweenor installing the door that will hide the pantry.

Countertops for the kitchen are manmade quartz, and the homeowners have decided to use the same material for the backsplash. Keith Jardin shows how his shop cut the backsplash to match the countertop’s design features and then installs the backsplash all the way up the wall to the cabinets.

While most of the backsplash is the same material as the countertops, one area of the kitchen will have a unique backsplash. Kevin talks to Alex Perez about the tiles he is installing and his technique.

The kitchen features a gas fireplace. The crew looks at the mantel that was made onsite.

Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2021 Season 42; Ep.15 23:43

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