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S42 E10: Outside Details

Mark McCullough explains cobblestone aprons. The crew reinforces floor joists. Tom Silva and Jeff Sweenor install a drop finial and a swinging window. Kevin O’Connor meets with paint experts.

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In this episode:

The homeowners have opted for a crushed stone driveway for permeability, but they would like to upgrade it with a more elegant touch. Kevin O’Connor finds Mark McCullough and the masonry crew out front with a pile of cobblestones to be used for aprons and edging.

Inside, the floor joists on the second floor of the old house had several problems, not the least of which was the fact that they were under sized. Over the summer Jeff Sweenor’s crew spent a lot of time giving them reinforcement. Jeff gives Kevin a rundown of what happened.

The Queen Anne features on the entire house are worth saving, and the drop finial on the corner of the second floor is a quintessential example. Tom Silva finds Jeff installing one.

The homeowners love to entertain outside, so they designed a cabana at the back of the garage that opens to the back yard. Tommy and Jeff install a special lift so the cabana window swings up easily.

A Victorian house screams “Look At Me” in both trim and paint color, and this house is no exception. Kevin meets with local paint expert Harry Adler and exterior painter Mike Moffitt and to discuss the importance of putting effort into selecting colors to celebrate the architectural details.

Original Air Date: Jan 10, 2021 Season 19; Ep.10 23:42

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