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S42 E9: Upgrading Old School

Original house details such as the Yankee gutters and corbels are installed. Host Kevin O’Connor catches up with the electrician’s apprentice. Richard Trethewey looks at the new tankless hot water system.

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In this episode:

New England might be Red Sox country but when it comes to old-school gutters, Yankee Gutters are a home run in the Northeast. The original Seaside Victorian project had Yankee Gutters and the Historic District Committee wants the restored house to have them as well. Kevin O’Connor finds lead carpenter Chris Manchester installing them in the back.

The Generation Next initiative continues with an apprentice learning the ropes with Jeff Sweenor’s electrician Ben Giles.

Kevin finds Ben and Zach Partington at another one of Jeff’s projects for a rough plumbing lesson. The homeowners want a tankless hot water system for the house. Richard Trethewey and plumber Josh Jordan show how the system they are installing will never run out of hot water.

Tom Silva and Jeff Sweenor install corbels on the porch.

Original Air Date: Jan 3, 2021 Season 19; Ep.9 23:42

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