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S42 E8: Back to Narragansett

After months of meticulous restoration, the stained glass windows are ready to be reinstalled. Electrician Ben Giles has an apprentice. Tom Silva re-creates original shingles. Landscape meeting with homeowners.

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In this episode:

Gorgeous stained glass lights adorned the windows in the old dining room of the Victorian. After months of meticulous restoration, they are ready to be reinstalled. Kevin O’Connor finds Tom Silva and Chris Manchester hard at work.

The Generation Next initiative continues this season in Narragansett. The electrician on this project, Ben Giles, is teaching the next generation of trades people. Kevin finds Ben and Zack Partington, Ben’s new intern, wiring the breaker panel in the garage.

The Queen Ann Victorian has several different shingle patterns on each exterior wall. Since some are not available off the shelf, Tom and lead carpenter Adam Spink must create their own.

The porch was a beautiful feature that wrapped around the house. The new plans call for bringing some of the porch space inside, but there are problems with the whole thing. During the Covid lockdown, Jeff Sweenor and his crew demoed the porch and built a new one. Kevin and Jeff discuss the process.

Finally, the homeowners have decided on extensive hardscape plans for the property—with a soak pool, a pizza oven, and even a putting green—but they need softscape plantings as well. Jenn Nawada meets with them to discuss a horticulture plan.

Original Air Date: Nov 15, 2020 Season 42; Ep.07 23:42

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