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Powering the Essentials | 2019 Idea House

The TOH 2019 Idea House is a whole lot of house, clocking in at 5,450 square feet of living space. In the event of a power outage, it would be cost-prohibitive to generate power throughout the home.

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Little Luxuries: Floor Warming | 2019 Idea House

Here’s how we integrated electric floor warming in the TOH 2019 Idea House

Interactive 3D House Tour | 2019 Idea House

Explore every inch of our 2019 Idea House in New Canaan, CT! Pan around the 360-degree virtual experience—walk around and tap your screen or click your mouse on the hot spots to learn more about the products and materials we used to bring this historic beauty back to life. 3D Tour: Pat Durkin/Rhode Island 3D Virtual Tours

Enhancing a Historic Home with Hardware | 2019 Idea House

Here’s a sneak peek at some of our favorite handcrafted hardware pieces that pulled the TOH 2019 Idea House together.

Idea House Influencer Tour | 2019 Idea House

Take a peek behind the scenes at our Idea House Influencer Luncheon, featuring renowned chef Lidia Bastianich and a host of special guests

Designers at Work | 2019 Idea House

Watch the luxe Idea House living room come together at the speed of light!

A Smarter Door Stopper | 2019 Idea House

Check out the MVP of the Idea House Opening Celebration: A revolutionary and virtually-invisible door stop.

It’s a Celebration! | 2019 Idea House

Join the fun as TOH crew members, VIP guests, friends, and neighbors celebrate the opening of the TOH 2019 Idea House

Do-it-Right Product Spotlight | 2019 Idea House

Learn all about the innovations—both hidden and seen—that last longer, work better, and make lives easier at the TOH 2019 Idea House

Interior | Design Details of the TOH 2019 Idea House

KARP Associates’ Director of Design and Residential Construction Robin Carroll takes you on a room-by-room tour of all the unique and exciting spaces inside our New Canaan Idea House.

Exterior | 2019 Idea House Tour with Builder Arnold Karp

Take a walk around our New Canaan Idea House as Arnold Karp introduces you to some of the innovative materials and building practices that helped bring this historic beauty back to life

Roofing Innovations | 2019 Idea House

In historic renovations, products need to look the part, but they also need to perform to the highest standards. Learn more about the innovative roofing materials that we selected to restore our 2019 Idea House | New Canaan, Connecticut—and protect it from the elements for many years to come.

Two Kitchens: Twice as Nice! | 2019 Idea House

For those with a passion for cooking and entertaining, the dual kitchens of the TOH 2019 Idea House must be checked out

Living & Entertaining Spaces | 2019 Idea House

There’s plenty of room for family and friends at the TOH 2019 Idea House; check out these charming spaces for unwinding and entertaining

Décor & Design Takeaways | 2019 Idea House

Dive into the decorative elements that made the TOH 2019 Idea House a home

The Suite Life: Beds & Baths | 2019 Idea House

Our 2019 Idea House features five bedrooms with en suite bathrooms—and plenty of design inspiration and ideas

High-Style, Hardworking Spaces | 2019 Idea House

Who says hardworking spaces should be hidden behind closed doors? At the 2019 Idea House, we’ve packed high-functioning spaces with lots of stylish ideas, and they’re meant to be seen

Finishing Touches With Tile | 2019 Idea House

Here's a peek at the unique tile selections of the TOH 2019 Idea House

Healthier Indoor Air | 2019 Idea House

Learn about ventilation solutions that create better indoor air quality and a healthier indoor environment.

Insiders Win a VIP Preview of the 2019 Idea House

A few select winners and their guests were granted the opportunity to meet members of the This Old House cast and take an exclusive tour of the 2019 Idea House in New Canaan, CT before doors opened to the public

2019 Idea House | Making Progress

We’re getting closer to the finish line here at the TOH 2019 Idea House in New Canaan. See what we've been up to.

Idea House 2019 Preview | Main Street Event

Our 2019 Idea House steps back in time with the total overhaul of a circa-1840 Greek Revival that’s a well-loved fixture in a historical Connecticut downtown

How to Install Smartside Siding Part 1 | Pro2Pro

Recorded live from the jobsite of our 2019 Idea House in New Canaan, Connecticut, This Old House host Kevin O’Connor meets up with lead carpenter Gordon Jacobsen of Karp Associates to install a building material called Smartside Siding

Restoring and Rebuilding the 2019 Idea House

Construction is well under way on our 2019 Idea House at New Canaan, CT, with the goal of preserving the historic facade while making way for an all-new home behind it. Here’s a quick update on our progress. You can also follow the transformation in real time; check out our live webcam, here.

Behind the Scenes: New Canaan Idea House

This old house will get an all-new interior in the Greek Revival style