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Landscaping Ideas & Inspiration

Explore inspiring landscaping ideas that will drastically make your home more efficient & appealing.

Perennials That Bloom Every Year

With their ornamental beauty and adaptable natures, many perennial garden favorites are worth a second look for their resiliency in an era of weather extremes.

How to Build a Kitchen Garden

A symmetrical design of raised beds grows out of a blank patch of turf­, adding beauty and productivity to the landscape.

Outdoor Rooms Roundup

Looking to eke a little more living out of your backyard patch of green? As the past year has made clear, outdoor spaces are vital to our well-being­—and they can double our dining, entertaining, and hangout space. Here’s how three couples created a bit of paradise in their own backyards.

Best Reader Arbors and Pergolas 2013

You sent us your crafty outdoor structures for our Reader Remodel Contest; here are the garden creations that caught our eye

Which Grass is Best for Your Area?

Choose types adapted to your local climate and soil conditions. The newest varieties have greater resistance to drought and disease and need less maintenance

Get Paid to Not Plant Grass

A water provider pays people to ditch their lawns—and homeowners see a big dip in their bills

Firesafe Landscaping: Defensible Space

The probability of a home surviving a wildfire greatly increases with two fire-wise home improvements: fire-retardant building materials and, in the yard, the creation of defensible space. Learn how to design an effective and beautiful fire-safe landscape that could save your home

Fall-Fruiting Shrubs

The resilient, colorful fruiting shrubs from this gallery can provide glorious fall color in the garden

Grass Species

A primer on some of the more common grasses that can be grown from seed

Trees for Small Yards

Looking for the perfect specimen for your suburban lot? Consider one of the many beautiful varieties that remain under 25 to 30 feet at maturity.

Designing with Trees

With proper planting, trees soften your property—and bring it into focus