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S22 E16: Jenn Nawada helps renovate and firescape a front yard

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How to Firescape a Yard

Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada helps a homeowner add flare to her front yard while also promoting safety during wildfire season with thoughtful plant and design choices.
S21 E16, Jenn Nawada learns about landscaping on wetlands

Understanding Wetlands

Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada meets with a landowner and a wetland expert to discuss identifying and building on properties with designated wetland areas.

Types of Landscaping Rocks and How to Use Them

Learning the best ways to use these popular landscaping rocks will lend both style and utility to your yard or garden. And with plenty of options for different types of spaces, most DIY gardeners and landscapers will be able to find something to turn their yard into an elegant escape. But knowing which stones to use for a project can be critical, and this guide aims to help.
Best landscape fabric lead image

5 Best Landscape Fabrics (2024 Guide)

In this review and buyer’s guide, our team compares the best landscape fabrics and provides detailed recommendations to help you find the right solution for your project.

All About Holly Bushes

Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada explains how to identify and care for holly plants and incorporate them into a landscape.
Rhododendron growing in front of a house

6 Budget-Friendly Landscaping Projects

When a house needs a lot of attention, the yard can get short shrift. Here are some budget-friendly ways to improve your great outdoors.

How to Create a Vertical Garden for Small Spaces

Ask This Old House landscape designer Jenn Nawada installs a vertical garden to maximize space for a homeowner

How to Create a Desert Landscape

Ask This Old House landscape designer Jenn Nawada heads to Phoenix to recreate the desert in a homeowner’s front yard

How to Create a Drainage Swale

The plant-populated channels can redirect storm water to specific locations

Small Evergreens, Big Impact

Combine dwarf conifers in pots for a fresh look—and year-round color

Ask Roger: Using Landscape Edging

Learning about landscape edging with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook

All About Garden Fountains

Adding the pleasing sights and sounds of flowing water to your backyard can transform it into a relaxing retreat

CHECKLIST | Get Your House Ready for Spring

Put these items on your fix-it list to transition from winter to spring

All About Shade Trees

Plant one to boost property values, lower energy costs—and leave a lasting legacy

Fast Fixes for July

Timely fast fixes, including trimming evergreens, storm-safety planning, and more

How to Choose and Use Shovels and Other Digging Tools

Hole-digging advice with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook

All About Groundcover

Whether you’re looking for the best low maintenance or fastest growing groundcover for your lawn, these plants offer solutions to barren spots and spaces.

How to Hire a Landscape Contractor

TOH landscape contractor Roger Cook details what to consider when looking for a pro to work on your yard

11 Ways to Save Water, Time, and Money on Your Landscape

If you're not irrigating your lawn, flower beds, and container plants using the most targeted, time-efficient methods possible, you're wasting water—and money

All About Landscape Lighting

From selecting the best outdoor lights to setting them up, our experts share how to brighten up the outside of your house.

Fall Landscaping Checklist

TOH landscape contractor Roger Cook's top tips for fall yard cleanup

Carts and Wheelbarrows

From trash to topsoil, everything travels more quickly when you stick a wheel underneath it

Which Grass is Best for Your Area?

Choose types adapted to your local climate and soil conditions. The newest varieties have greater resistance to drought and disease and need less maintenance

How to Start a New Lawn Like a Pro

Want a fresh lawn in your yard? We lined up the experts to help you choose the right turf and the best way get the greenest lawn in the neighborhood.

Working with a Tree Removal Pro

Dead and diseased trees are not only a hazard that could crash through your roof—they also steal water and light from the rest of your yard

No-Grass Yard Ideas

Smart ways to give yourself—and the environment—a break from big, demanding lawns.

Don't Just Jump into a Water Feature

Fountains, ponds, even faux streams are great additions. Just consider resource maintenance before you build.
Oriental Fountain Grass

Drought-Resistant Ornamental Grasses

These ornamental grasses aren't only easy on the eyes; they're easy on the water bill, too

Mulch Materials

This gardening essential not only neatens up your yard, it also helps conserve water and discourages weeds.

Made for the Shade

Plants that flourish where the sun doesn't much shine.

How to Choose and Use a Leaf Blower

It may come as a surprise to the sound-sensitive neighbors, but most people buy blowers too small for their needs

May Is for Mulching

Decorate and protect your beds now, before the heat of summer sets in