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Best Home Warranty Companies in Washington

If you live in Washington and want to save money on appliance and system repairs and replacements, consider investing in a home warranty. In this article, we’ll detail our top home warranty picks for Washington homeowners and help you find the best plan for you and your home.

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Dealing with a broken appliance or system can be exhausting, especially when it comes to scheduling and paying for repairs. A home warranty can help ease this pain by protecting major home systems and appliances when they break down unexpectedly and covering the cost of expensive repairs or replacements.

With a Washington home warranty, you can rest assured that if your heating system fails in the middle of winter, it’ll be repaired or replaced in a timely manner—saving you from bundling up in blankets to escape the cold.

The This Old House Reviews Team wanted to help make searching for a home protection plan in Washington simple. In this review, we’ll discuss the best home warranty companies in Washington and help you find the right protection plan for you and your home.

Washington’s Top 3 Home Warranty Companies

The highest rated home warranty companies in Washington include:

  1. American Home Shield (AHS): Best Overall
  2. First American Home Warranty: Best Value
  3. Home Service Club: Quickest Coverage

Our team took coverage options, pricing, customer reviews, and a variety of other factors into consideration when selecting the best home warranty providers in Washington. Here are our top three picks.

1. American Home Shield

American Home Shield (AHS) is the top home warranty provider in Washington, offering customers the choice of three comprehensive and affordable plan options. AHS has paid out $2 billion in home warranty claims in the last five years and has a network of 17,000 vetted, local contractors.

American Home Shield’s ShieldSilver™ plan covers home systems. The ShieldGold™ adds appliance coverage to the ShieldSilver’s coverage, and the ShieldPlatinum™ increases coverage caps across all items. The ShieldPlatinum plan also provides roof leak coverage and a free HVAC tune-up during the warranty period.

AHS also allows customers to add on optional coverage for the following items:

  • Electronic extended warranty
  • Pool and spas
  • Well pump
  • Septic pump
  • Guest unit under 750 square feet

Here’s a monthly breakdown of each plan based on your selected service fee:

Pricing of American Home Shield

Plan $75 Service Fee $100 Service Fee $125 Service Fee
Plan $75 Service Fee $100 Service Fee $125 Service Fee
ShieldSilver™ $54.99 per month $44.99 per month $39.99 per month
ShieldGold™ $64.99 per month $54.99 per month $49.99 per month
ShieldPlatinum™ $79.99 per month $69.99 per month $64.99 per month

Here are some other benefits of American Home Shield:

  • Veteran in the home warranty industry with over 45 years of experience
  • Offers coverage for older items, no matter their age
  • Has generous coverage caps on home systems and appliances
  • Allows customers to choose between a $75, $100, $125 service fee
To get a free quote from American Home Shield, fill out this online form or call 844-529-9298.

2. First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty (FAHW) has been protecting customers’ appliances and systems since 1984, providing extensive coverage through two coverage options: a Basic Plan and a Premier Plan.

The Basic Plan provides coverage for a variety of appliances and systems, including the washing machine, dryer, and refrigerator. The Premier Plan covers everything in the Basic Plan, plus coverage for your plumbing system, plumbing stoppages, heating system, water heater, electrical system, garage door opener, ductwork, and central vacuum system.

First American Home Warranty also provides coverage for optional items like your central air conditioning system, secondary refrigeration, pool and spa equipment, well pump, and the First Class Upgrade.

The First Class Upgrade allows policyholders to receive coverage for cosmetic damages, granting customers access to the following benefits:

  • Covers expenses from using cranes during installation
  • Pays up to $250 where local building permits are required for replacing appliances
  • Pays for expenses related to the removal or hauling away of an appliance

Here’s an overview of First American plan pricing:

Pricing of First American Home Warranty

Plan Options Cost per Month
Plan Options Cost per Month
Basic Plan $25.00
Premier Plan $39.50
Additional Add-Ons Varies based on items selected

Note: First American Home Shield customers are charged a service fee of $75 every time a service contractor is called to the home to assess a broken appliance or system.

Here are some other benefits of First American Home Warranty:

  • Has affordable coverage packages compared to other industry leaders
  • Gives customers the ability to file claims online and through the phone
  • Provides coverage for improperly installed or maintained appliances and systems
  • Offers flexible payment options
To receive a free quote from First American Home Warranty, fill out this online form or call 833-777-0049.

3. The Home Service Club

Although a relatively new company in the home warranty industry, The Home Service Club (HSC) provides basic coverage for major appliances and systems through two coverage options: Standard Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage.

The Standard Plan covers all of your home’s major appliances and systems including the refrigerator, heating system, and plumbing. The Essential Plan covers everything in the previous plan but adds on additional coverage for items like telephone wiring, sump pumps, and smoke detectors.

In addition to their Standard Plan and Essential Plan, The Home Service Club offers customers the choice of additional protection for the following items:

  • Roof coverage
  • Jetted bathtub
  • Well pump
  • Sewage ejector pump
  • Pool or spa
  • Water softener
  • Freestanding freezer
  • Spa and spa heater
  • Sprinkler system
  • Freestanding additional refrigerator
  • Refrigerator built-in units with dual compressors
  • Utility line coverage

Compare pricing for The Home Service Club plans below:

Pricing of Home Service Club

The Home Service Club Plan Cost per Month
The Home Service Club Plan Cost per Month
Standard Coverage $45.95
Comprehensive Coverage $60.95

For each claim, you’ll be required to pay a $75 service fee.

Here are some other benefits of The Home Service Club:

  • Doesn’t require a home inspection for coverage to begin
  • Has a 30-day labor guarantee and 90-day parts guarantee
  • Covers repairs and replacements of covered items regardless of the age, make, or model
  • Offers excellent customer service, with representatives available 24 hours a day
For a free quote, fill out this easy online form or call The Home Service Club directly at 800-842-9334.

Our Conclusion

The This Old House Reviews Team recommends American Home Shield, First American Home Warranty, or The Home Service Club for comprehensive home protection. Before selecting a provider and buying a home warranty, we suggest getting quotes from all three companies so that you can determine which home warranty company fits your budget and home protection needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Washington Home Warranties

Who needs a Washington home warranty?

Home warranties can be worthwhile for Washington homeowners, real estate agents, home sellers, and home buyers who want to protect major systems and appliances in their home and avoid paying unexpected repair or replacement costs.

What is the best home warranty in Washington?

We believe American Home Shield is the best overall home warranty in Washington. With the ability to customize your own coverage and choose your own service fee to fit your monthly budget, AHS offers some of the most comprehensive coverage in the industry. The two other providers listed are great for people who are looking for other types of coverage or cheaper alternatives.

How much does a home warranty cost in Washington?

A home warranty in Washington depends on the provider and plan you select. On average, a home warranty costs between $300 and $600 a year, with an additional $75 to $125 for each service call. All companies recommended in this article offer plans within this price range.

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