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Quick Tips on Starting Seedlings, Gardening Book Recommendations

Landscape Contractor Jenn Nawada shares her favorite seedling starter kit, as well as her go-to books on gardening.

Jenn Nawada

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When “social distancing” became part of our national consciousness a few weeks ago, the first thing This Old House Landscape Contractor Jenn Nawada did was stock up on seeds.

“My absolute favorite thing to grow is tomatoes, so I like to build my garden around that,” says Nawada, who chose a mix of basil, lettuce, cilantro, jalapeño peppers, and zucchini seeds to accompany her San Marzano Tomato seeds. “They’re just the most amazing thing to make sauce or salsa with.”

Jenn Nawada

Pictured is the resulting tomato sauce from last year’s haul. “I’m actually living off this sauce right now and can’t wait to make it again,” Nawada says.

Earlier this week, Nawada showed homeowners how to create a simple DIY garden bed from her own backyard.

“Lettuce is a cold-weather crop and can go outside earlier,” says Nawada. “My lettuce will be ready to put outside mid-May. The rest of the veggies will go out by Memorial Day.”

She suggests that homeowners in Northern seasonal climates start seedlings indoors with the following supplies:

Indoor Seedling Starter Kit

Jenn’s Book Recommendations on Gardening

Many homeowners have asked Nawada for her favorite gardening books. With a full library of great inspiration in her own home, Nawada shares her two must-have book suggestions: