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Attach an Offset Umbrella to Wood Deck without Screws or Bolts

I have a large Offset Umbrella that I want to place out on my outdoor wood Deck. I want to attach the legs of the umbrella stand to the wood deck without drilling holes in the deck or putting 50lb sand bags on the stands legs. I have heard there is Clips that are available that slip in between the deck boards that might allow me to do this but no one seems to know anything about them. The product which I can not find, slips in between the deck boards on one side of the Stand legs, then over the leg and then slips between the other side of the leg between the boards, and has something that you could tighten so the stand leg is tight against the wood deck. Since all I want is to stop the Umbrella from blowing away and not physically attach with screws or bolts the stand to the deck - Is there anything any body else has found?

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Attach an Offset Umbrella to Wood Deck without Screws or Bolts
Blue RidgeParkway

a large squared u-bolt with a plate with holes to tie in the threaded rods then locking split or star washers then bolts.

you could also use framing hangers that you attach on the underside of deck and slip bolts through hanger to have their heads rest on deck surface then tork down bolts on the top of the stand and cut bolt ends off. mount sort of like how you mount a toilet to a flange on the bathroom floor. still have to fasten to underside of deck frame but wouldn't see from above and wouldn't mar finish of decking except compression and dents from umbrella stand moving with wind.

there is a molded formed hollow plastic thing made with a plug that you fill with sand or water to 150 lbs that will rest on the cross frame instead of using sand bags or piles of cement blocks they have rollers on the underside to help move when you want to relocate or remove the umbrella. they about 50 bucks on sale at ace hardware store or 80-90 bucks on internet. I don't think that's enough weight to hold against wind you might want more like 400 pounds depending on the size of your umbrella. mabe hand rail and post hangers would be strong enough.

you could get a ground insert umbrella base mount for offset umbrellas, commercial grade, cement the base in the ground next to your deck. FIM is one brand there are others.

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