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10 Uses for Coins

Spare change has other uses than living in jars and getting traded in for cash

Grow an Edible Flower Bouquet

Many colorful blooms that already fill your garden can help fill your plate too

Best Old House Neighborhoods 2012: Easy Commute

Close enough to make that drive to work and back as quick and pleasant as possible

Best Old House Neighborhoods 2012: Fixer-Uppers

Places that offer excellent opportunities for anyone looking to take a diamond in the rough and polish it into a lasting gem

Tapping Existing Potential to Create an Attic Master Suite

Clever built-ins and warm finishes, plus new plumbing and wiring, turn an unloved top floor into a cheerful bedroom, bath, and office

How to Make an Herb Planter From a Wagon

Spice up your container garden with an old Radio Flyer turned mobile planter that can go from a sun-steeped corner right to your kitchen door

Best Old House Neighborhoods 2011: Rowhouses

From Canada's brightly colored Second Empires to the stately brick abodes of Kentucky, here are eight neighborhoods fit for rowhouse dwellers

Best Old House Neighborhoods 2011: Walkability

Like to get around the old-fashioned way? Here are over thirty charming neighborhoods where sidewalks and foot-friendly accessibility have never gone out of style

Best Old House Neighborhoods 2011: Easy Commute

Put grid-lock traffic in your rearview and snag an old house in one of these thirty-plus neighborhoods located just a short train, car, or bike ride away from the workplace

Best Old House Neighborhoods 2011: History Happened Here

With roots in historic events from the Civil War to the Gold Rush, here are twelve neighborhoods that are just as interesting for their past as they are for their present