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Create a Glam Hollywood Bath

These readers traded sweat equity for high-end fixtures and finishes that evoke the silvery glitz of 1930s Tinseltown. Here's your ticket to transforming your bath without the movie-star price tag

Frank and Janice Go to Hollywood

Photo by Evan Sklar

"If we were going to do this bath, it had to be magnificent." —Janice and Frank Gingerelli, Bloomfield, New jersey

After 30 years of enduring their master bath's busy orange-and-fuchsia wallpaper, dingy beige tile, and dim light from one puny window, Janice and Frank Gingerelli wanted the opposite for their remodeled space. They made it bright and airy by installing a new leaded-glass window and exposing the ceiling rafters.

Silver-Screen Style

Photo by Evan Sklar

A silvery color palette, mirrored surfaces, and crystal accents—all hallmarks of 1930s Hollywood Regency style—added sparkle. And a pedestal soaker tub and marble-topped vanity gave the room a luxurious feel.

Splurges and Savings

Photo by Evan Sklar

While the couple splurged on materials, they saved by doing most of the labor, including framing out the window. Janice even silver-leafed the vanity mirror's frame and the chandelier to coordinate their finishes. "No one knows your taste or works as hard for you as you do," says Janice. To bring the Gingerellis' silver-screen style to your bath on a more modest budget, read on.

1. Accent Window

Photo by Evan Sklar

Add a leaded-glass window to boost elegance and natural light without sacrificing privacy.

Oval floral-pattern window, $327;

2. Apothecary Bottles

Photo by Evan Sklar (main); Wendell T. Webber (inset)

Trade plastic soap pumps for refined glass containers.

Tall bottle, $19, and green bud vase, $6;

Bubble bath in stoppered decanter, $36;—but we found it for just $8 at T.J. Maxx

3. Glimmering Chandelier

Photo by Evan Sklar

This antiqued-metal fixture will draw eyes up to the ceiling and refract light through its faceted crystal drops.

Chandelier, $230;

4. Vanity Accessories

Photo by Evan Sklar

Accents with light-reflecting surfaces, such as mirror glass or polished steel, add shine without taking up much visual space.

Tissue holder and glass soap dish, $20 each;

Mercury-glass candle, $16;

Vase, $12;

5. Crystal Sconce

Photo by Evan Sklar

Frame a vanity mirror with a pair of sconces to cast a candle-like glow. The Gingerellis' hand-cut-crystal lights were $350 each.

Sconces, $127;

6. Gilded Mirror

Photo by Evan Sklar

This handcrafted mirror's ornate silver frame epitomizes the showiness of the Hollywood Regency style.

Mirror, $174;

7. Gooseneck Faucet

Photo by Evan Sklar

The graceful arch of the spout and the round handles echo the styling of the couple's faucet, but for half the price.

Grohe faucet set, $510;

8. Marble-Top Vanity

Photo by Evan Sklar

The Gingerellis' vanity was custom-made. For a similar look, fit the recessed panels in this stock sink cabinet with mirrors cut to size at a glass shop. Glue the inserts in place with mirror mastic.

Vanity with marble top and undermount sink, $650;

9. Tile Tableau

Photo by Evan Sklar (main); Wendell T. Webber (inset)

Work the angles for a unique tile display. In the Gingerellis' shower, a floral mosaic border and a chair rail divide field tiles set as squares on bottom and diamonds on top. Details cut from the border echo the motif.

Floral border, $23 per linear foot;

chair rail, $12 per linear foot;

gray mosaic (shower floor and ceiling), $21 per square foot;

white micro mosaic (bathroom floor), $25 per square foot;

and statuary field tile, $12 per square foot;

10. Textured Plaster

Photo by Evan Sklar (main); Wendell T. Webber (inset)

Add depth and a rich look to walls with Behr's trowel-on Venetian plaster, shown in Silver Screen.

Plaster, $37 per gallon;

11. Plush Towels

Photo by Evan Sklar (main); Wendell T. Webber (inset)

Sage-green towels add a pop of color and soften the look of the bath's hard surfaces.

Bath towels, $10 each;

12. Pedestal Tub

Photo by Evan Sklar

Make the tub the main event. Centered under the window, it's the first thing you see upon entering the Gingerellis' bathroom. For a more affordable version of their cast-iron soaker, choose this acrylic one.

Acrylic tub, $1,100;