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S44 E1: Welcome to Atlanta

It’s the start of a new project in South Atlanta, GA. The house is an 1890s Victorian that once belonged to a civil rights activist. Watch as the This Old House team meets the homeowners, builder, and project manager.

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In this episode:

It’s the start of a new project in South Atlanta, GA located in one of the last neighborhoods to go through urban renewal. The 1890s Victorian once belonged to Luther Judson Price, the first black postmaster general in Atlanta and a prominent figure in his community for his work with civil rights.

The This Old House team takes in the neighborhood, including a nearby old building that once served as a general store, post office, and home to Mr. Price and his family before building the project house. The team meets the current homeowners, Jonathan and Kysha, their two children, their builder Jerry Davis and project manager Tristain O’Donnell.

The house has a rich history, and the homeowners want to preserve as much of that history and tell its story. Jerry gives Tom Silva a tour of the exterior. Jonathan and Kysha give Kevin a tour of the interior, and the children give a tour of their rooms. Jenn Nawada gets a tour of the backyard, a space the homeowners hope to home-school their children and share with the community as the Prices did. Jonathan and Richard discuss the HVAC system Jonathan plans to tackle in the renovation.

Original Air Date: Sep 29, 2022, Season 44; Ep. 1 23:42

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